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Turma - Giramille.png
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Giramille is a cute, intelligent, loving and loyal giraffe. A friend to everyone, she is the mother and class teacher and is always ready to help. She is affectionate with her friends and likes to tell them stories.

Mane is a lion and he is Giramille's best friend. He's a bit of a fearful lion, but he loves studying and learning new things. Even though he is very scared, he likes adventures!


Turma - Thay.png

Thay is a very fun, curious, funny and clumsy hippo. He loves nature and enjoys observing all the beautiful details in the savannah!

Turma - Tromba.png

Trunk is an elephant, and he is the scientist of the class! The older brother loves researching the world  of science!  Also

loves eating fruits and vegetables, which are his favorite foods! 

Turma - Tuco.png
Turma - Nina.png

Tuco the toucan is intelligent and elegant. Very polite, always gives advice to his friends when they ask for it, but he is very humble and knows how to ask for their help when he is in trouble

Nina is the baby of the group! He still doesn't know how to speak, but he's very lively! Climb everywhere and have fun swinging everywhere!

Turma - Guga.png
Turma - Tim.png

Chim is a zebra who is a huge sports fan! He loves to exercise and is always playing! His favorite sport is football, but he is also a great skateboarder and loves swimming!

Crabby is a very hasty crab! But as he gets very confused, he is always walking sideways and sometimes gets lost. Still, he's a lot of fun and he loves dancing! Loves the beach, sun and heat!

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